Family Rebuilding Life Remoulding Events 18/03/2020 (Wednesday 8am -11:59am)
Family Rebuilding Life Remoulding Events 18/03/2020 (Wednesday 8am -11:59am)

18/03/2020 (星期三 8am -11:59am)
#亲子关系建立从餐桌开启 只限30人

Customized #VBurgCafe Breakfast of the day
>> RM25 (one adult one kid)
>> RM30 (one adult two kids)
>> RM35 (two adults one kid)
>> RM40 (one adult three kids)
>> RM45 (one adult four kids)
Or (two adults two kids)
>> RM50 (two adults four kids)

For each patron (at least one adult + one below 13 years old kid) with purchase of one customized Breakfast of the day at #VBurgBoulangerieCafe, may entitled with one entry of the contest by using #LePao smart block to build a animal/vehicle/cake toy model.

All participants for the contest are required to submit their LePao model by 11:59am 18/3/2020 Wednesday. Photo of the model along with the kid(s) and parent(s)/guardian/caretaker will be taken as the later people choice’s final prove.

* Winners of this contest will be announced through #ADAproductionStudio's official website with the link to #VBurgCafe's FB page within one week after the event.

* Prizes: Discount voucher for future patronage at VBurg/Discount voucher for purchasing LePao & LePao Travel Pack (11 pieces of LePao with 40 set of models.) /One stamp in CintaKids’ event accumulating card.

Published : 12-Mar-2020

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